“Weapons Grade”

The haka-mqtt project was a response to reliability problems and the absence of thorough documentation in existing python MQTT clients at the time. The authors were involved in projects that required thousands of clients to operate for years without service in soft realtime conditions over unreliable low-bandwith bandwidth data links. There was great desire to use off the shelf libraries but after two years of trying it was decided that a new approach, haka-mqtt, was needed.

The new haka-mqtt library provides at its core a reactor built to be thoroughly and deterministically tested. Its memory usage is stable and well documented. It is built to use non-blocking sockets in a select-type M:N thread model where M client tasks are mapped onto N threads. When suitable non-blocking APIs are not available (as for DNS lookups), those operations can be performed in separate thread-pools so that the client can continue its non-blocking operation.

Due to persistent questions it is necessary to state that the project should not be used in conjunction with enriched uranium, TNT, or any form of cruise missile.


A primary purpose of software is to provide its authors the opportunity to disguise elaborate puns as real work. Eclipse’s paho project provides MQTT client implementations and the verb “pāho” means to broadcast or announce (Maori Dictionary). What then is a “weapon’s grade announcement”? The culturally ignorant authors contend that the haka dance performed by the Maori is truly a weapons grade announcement. The authors are also jealous and wish that they could participate.