haka-mqtt Project Documentation

The haka_mqtt package is reliable “weapons grade” MQTT client library. It contains a core mqtt reactor class built with provable reliability, and reproducibility as its fundamental goals. It turns out that it is sufficiently speedy as well; there has never been a performance complaint lodged.


The project’s core reactor is stable. It has been tested on systems with thousands of distributed nodes in difficult field conditions. The QoS=1 datapath is well field tested. The QoS=0 and QoS=2 are not as thoroughly field tested.

While the core reactor is very well tested the frontends are less tested. You should pay attention to notes on the different frontends regarding their status and use.

The haka library is mostly tested on Linux derivatives. It may work on other platforms but this has not been tested by the authors and no definite reports of success have been reported to the authors.


The haka-mqtt package is distributed through pypi.org and can be installed with the standard Python package manager pip:

$ pip install haka-mqtt

If you do not have pip then the package can be downloaded from haka-mqtt and installed with the standard setup.py method:

$ python setup.py install

Project Infrastructure

The project is coordinated through public infrastructure available at several places:

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